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Let us do the chores for you and make retirement easy! We offer full service for Laundry & Housekeeping, including dusting, vacuuming, and sanitizing. We also offer convenient Laundry Service to keep your wardrobe fresh. 


Routine housekeeping services include:

  • cleaning of the bathroom (s), which includes lavatory, toilet, bathtub/shower, and fixtures.

  • cleaning of the kitchen sink.

  • dusting of furniture (does not include moving items as we do not want to risk breakage).

  • vacuuming of carpeted floors.

  • washing of kitchen and bathroom floors.

We also launder and change your bed linens and towels as needed, but at least weekly. Personal laundry is also done at least weekly, upon availability. A fee of $13.00 per load will be charged to you for this service.


*Please keep in mind, fabrics should be suitable for commercial laundry and clothing should be care free and comfortable. Dry Clean only clothes are not recommended. 

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